10 Ways to Instantly Boost Your Creativity

Everything that we do needs some form of creativity. However, a fixed way of approach can make it monotonous and boring. To boost your creativity at work or to simply enhance imagination, there are few instant remedies to broaden your mind.

Here are some fun exercises to boost creativity:

1. Read more books

If you are a quick reader, pick up a new book right away and read it. Reading improves your comprehension skills and also stimulates your brain. You tend to have a better memory and imagination. It lets you picture scenes from the chapters and boosts creativity.

2. Doodle

Take a pen and paper and start doodling. Don’t try to find meanings or draw something perfect. Simply doodle the way your fingers flow and then finally see where you stop. Doodling de-stresses your mind and usually ends up giving you a unique imprint.

3. Travel

One of finest ways to boost your creativity is to get to a place you have never been before. Traveling lets you discover places, lifestyle and gives you a sense of self-fulfillment. It takes you away from the monotony of everyday living and lets you explore life beyond your environment.

4. Hop on a bus

Have you ever taken a bus to the other side of your city, where you don’t need to go often? If you’re too packed up to plan a trip, hop on a bus and travel for a couple of hours. Grab a window seat and observe life, as you pass by people and places.

5. Go on a long walk

If the weather is all good and you can go out on a leisurely stroll, opt for this exercise to boost your creativity. Keep your gadgets away and just spend time with yourself. Walk as you observe your surrounding and watch your mood improve.

6. Try a new hobby

One of the techniques to enhance creativity is to challenge yourself like you’ve never done before. Opt for new hobbies which you wouldn’t dare to do, and see if you can overcome your fears. Learn swimming if you still haven’t, buy yourself a bicycle if you’ve never used one, learn to play guitar if you always wanted to – hobbies increase creativity.

7. Try a new ice-cream flavor

Years pass by as we stick to a favorite food type and think that’s the bests we should spend on. For a change, buy a different ice-cream flavor or try out a new cuisine. You might not like the taste, but you’ll experience what it is like to taste something new.

8. Broaden your mind and be mindful

To be more aware of your life and everything around, you have to be more mindful. Let go of bad thoughts and things beyond your control. Be aware and acknowledge people and circumstances that you come across every day. It helps you think deeper and enhance creativity.

9. Listen to music

One of the interesting exercises to boost creativity is to listen to old numbers and not new ones. Songs today might make us groove, but oldies make us feel rooted. It might hit your emotional side and make you feel the lyrics.

10. Spend time in nature

If you decide to go walking, try heading to a park filled with trees around and not an open field. Let the winds gush onto your face while you hear the birds chirp. Embrace the shining sun or dip into the cool waters of a sea. Spending time in nature rejuvenates your soul.

In conclusion

Always look for ways to do or learn something new. It is the best way to get more ideas and become creative. Make sure you observe little things in life as every moment can turn into a story if you’re thoughtful enough!